Chris Miller reviews NOTCHES by M. Ennenbach

Once in a great while, we stumble across a work of literature that transcends not only our expectations but genre and definability itself. NOTCHES by M. Ennenbach is one of those works, and it cannot be stressed enough that reading this collection will not only entertain you, but it will awe you as well.

The collection starts off with a story of subtle horror with BLUE. It’s a quiet piece, and while it’s short and fast-paced, it also manages to work as a slow burn, and by the end, we are not quite sure what has befallen our protagonist entirely, but we feel his pain and loss as we read his words to his sweet love some distant place away. With NOISES we are treated to a masterful and beautiful tale of love lost and a life felt to have been wasted. We can see the life was indeed NOT wasted, but we understand and care for the character so deeply that we feel his pain as uniquely as if it were our own. The ending is at once heartwarming and horrifying as the rug is pulled from under us in what can only be described as a masterclass in misdirection literature. We even have an epic poem on offer here with PERSEPHONE, as gods and humans mingle and search for love and the sacrifices we make for desire.

WINDOWS is a standout with a look into the mind of a broken person, broken by life and those who should love him the most, and where that might lead a person. But keep in mind, your experiences are never alone and unique to you in this world. The final three stories are comedies, dark comedies, and you’ll find yourself doubling over with laughter at the deadpan genius of these tales. COFFEE TRIO is perhaps my new favorite short-story of all time, about a man in love with coffee, and his dealings with an unfortunate tweaker along with three major points in his life. Simply brilliant doesn’t cover how wonderful this story is.

And there’s several more. NONE of the tales in these pages are yawners. Not a single one. I am typically a very slow reader, even when I quite enjoy a book. It’s why I listen to so many audiobooks. It usually takes me a long time to finish a physical book. Not the case with NOTCHES. Putting the book down was not only difficult but at times damn near impossible! The stories, the characters, the dialogue (more on this in a minute) are all masterfully orchestrated works of art, culminating in stories that transcend and defy genre entirely.

Speaking of the dialogue, the last two stories are quite heavy with it. In fact, the next to last story is ENTIRELY dialogue, no descriptors outside of what the characters are saying at all, and it was brilliant. At no point are you lost or confused or lacking information to formulate a clear picture in your mind. The last story is likewise done, and equally masterful. This is evidence of an author who, while new on the scene, has an absolute grasp on their craft and is flexing their literary muscles to a jaw-dropping extent, all without ever seeming to break a sweat.

So, it’s obvious I’m a fan of both M. Ennenbach and NOTCHES. There simply isn’t a negative critique I can give to this book. Death’s Head Press has picked up another gem with this collection, their first to be released as a newly formed Press, and it could not have been hit further out of the park. I encourage you to get this on your Kindle or snatch up a paperback as soon as you can, and dive into what I’m calling the VERY BEST collection of 2019, and quite possibly well beyond. I don’t see this one being topped anytime soon, that is, unless Mr. Ennenbach decides to drop another one on us soon. And I’m praying he does.

I can’t wait for more from M. Ennenbach. I’ll be snatching up anything and everything he releases henceforth if it even contains a modicum of the brilliance NOTCHES contains. I don’t think the man knows how to write a bad sentence. And for this to be a debut release, well…I can’t imagine what we’re in store for in the future.

Brilliant author. Brilliant collection. Brilliant stories. Incredibly good writing. 11 out of 5 stars. Get yourself a copy and discover what I have: the best new writer on the scene. On ANY scene.


The anthology’s theme is the Book of Revelation. What if the prophecies of Revelation hit today? What sort of craziness and evil would ensue? With this list of excellent authors contributing, it’s sure to be a Hell of a read!

Grady Pope has hit bottom; his alligator hunting business is failing and his daughter has abandoned him. Nearly giving up, his life is turned upside down when she reappears and dies giving birth to a son. Grady takes in his erstwhile grandson, vowing to raise him. He soon notices that strange events occur around the child, culminating in the revelation that he isn’t entirely human. The ancient forces who dwell in the river want their kin back and Grady Pope must decide whether blood does run thicker than water.
As the old axiom goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
John Savage realized that too late.
Following the biggest job of their lives, John and his small crew think they’ve got it made. But a lawyer, a junkie, a crooked cop, Savage and his girlfriend have unknowingly opened Pandora’s Box. And they won’t know it until it’s too late. As the brutally tortured bodies of their partners come to light, tensions rise all the way to the screaming, chaotic conclusion of this bloody crime thriller.

High risk brings high reward, but the safe bet is usually the smartest. Stick to the plan, or get ready for the hard goodbye.
A Collection of dark, twisted and some humorous stories including an epic dark poem from the tormented mind of M. Ennenbach. Each story will give you a window into the darkness of the soul. Fueled by raw, powerful emotions. They will chew you up and spit you out, leaving you quivering on the floor in a gruesome mess begging for more. Are you brave enough to traverse the dark path laid before you or will you become another notch on the wall?
While her rehab counselor’s advice replays in her mind, Ansley Boone takes on the role of dutiful bridesmaid in her little sister’s wedding at an isolated resort in the middle of hill country, a place where cell reception is virtually nonexistent and everyone else there seems a stranger primed to spring.
Tensions are already high between the Boones and their withdrawal suffering eldest, who has since become the family embarrassment, but when the wedding reception takes a vicious turn, Ansley and her sister must work together to fight for survival and escape the resort before the groom’s cannibalistic family adds them to the post-wedding menu.

New Books You Want To Read

Psychotic Massiahs, a typewriter as God, Legless men in a Rickshaw race have religious testimonials, God punishes the east Coast of America with sand storms for being too evil….These are just some of the stories in this strange and haunting collection about fringe religions and bizarre revelations in ABERRANT GOSPELS.

A fresh batch of deep fried horror just for you. Better hurry and grab yourself a serving, because it’s going fast. People are loving the deep fried horror and for good reason. Deadman’s Tome offers a chilling horror and gripping thrillers at a low, low price so you get the right bang for your buck!Featuring a little something from Gil Valle AKA The Cannibal Cop and Kristopher Triana

You’ve heard the story, haven’t you? You know, the one about the haunted house a few streets over that’s infested by demon voodoo rats? What about the monster who comes out on dark and stormy nights in the town you grew up in, searching for a new skin to wear and a young child to devour as its next meal? 
Every town has them – urban legends and ghost stories. They’re all local variations of the same tales, passed down from generation to generation. Stories of spooks and specters, monsters and demons, town curses and places that, for whatever reason, you just shouldn’t go. In these pages, you’ll find spins on some of my favorite childhood scary stories, as well as some local variations I’ve heard during my travels throughout the Appalachians and southeastern United States. There are stories of changelings and witches, cursed towns and haunted mountains.
I know what you’re thinking. Monsters aren’t real. Witches can’t shapeshift. Grandma isn’t really any different…or is she? 
Sometimes it’s best to head the advice given in those old familiar stories. After all, they’ve been around longer than you. What does it hurt to believe them, anyway? It may be the safer option.
As the old Sherpa saying goes – Maybe true. Maybe not true. Better you believe….

Germany 1944
With a fondness for the occult and a thirst for absolute power, Hitler wanted mythical creatures and legendary monsters to join the German War Machine. The Fuhrer made it clear that he wanted the SS to explore every nook and cranny to find these ancient beasts in hopes that they could master them.
Closing in on something big, German exhibitionists explored an ancient ruin in Damascus hoping to find an ancient monster that the SS could master. They’ve heard rumors of ancient golems, blood thirsty vampires, and demented were-bunnies, and what they found…
What they found, however, was that the monsters that they sought for were not the type that could be mastered.This collection consists of ten tales of monsters of various kind and origin slaying NAZIS. These stories are meant to be over-the-top. Some are silly, some are very dark, while others are just bizarre.
A traditional hunting trip on 
opening day. Some bad weather.

And something very bad in the woods.

Venturing out in spite of the 
weather, things quickly turn bad
for Frank Vaughn, his two best 
friends, and his son, Cory. They
thought they were keeping 
tradition, but when they 
stumble upon something 
they were never meant to see, 
they are suddenly thrust into a 
desperate, chaotic fight for their lives.

Those who trespass want to be left alone.

A horror, thriller, but with a sense of humor and cynicism one would expect from bikers. Get ready to read zombie stories loaded with people want from a zombie story. Zombie apocalypse from the perspective of some down and dirty rough riders.
If the image of a leather clad biker shooting zombies with a sawed-off shotgun gets your attention, then this book is what you need. If the sight of the hot Mad Max wasteland does something for you, then you’ll enjoy this book. If you enjoy watching a good and dirty bar fight, then continue reading. Bikers VS The Undead is loaded with testosterone, leather, whiskey, with a crap ton of rotters in the mix.
“Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” – Matthew 26:41
A woman beaten and nearly broken by her stepfather’s horrific cruelty finds revenge by making the bloody transition from submissive to master. A serial killer discovers an adoring fan, who is determined to get them both caught. A writer is plagiarized, but he doesn’t take it sitting down. Instead, he pens another bloody, thrilling masterpiece. A woman’s weakness for extreme BDSM sexual encounters sets in motion a horrifying sequence of events. At the end of the day, we’re all just two things: Flesh and blood. Everyone gives into temptation eventually.
This collection of thrilling, suspense with elements of erotika and extreme depictions of bondage, sadism, and masochism. This book is for those that enjoy a suspenseful thrilling with erotic encounters.
Why are we drawn to conspiracies? Is it because that beneath the layers of fabrication and gossip lies an element of truth? This book contains ten stories that explore several conspiracy theories such as MK Ultra, lizard people, manufactured suicides, and shadow people. The book also contains leaked communications between politicians and known terrorists, and a report regarding current top secret North Korean operations on US soil. Be advised the stories in this book are based on real horrific events.


March 2019 Newsletter!The main storyYou lucky folks are privy to my inaugural OFFICIAL (because that makes it sound even cooler) Newsletter! All four of you should feel exceedingly special. I’ve never done one of these before, so bear with me while I figure all of this out.
So, first of all, here’s what’s going on:
My second novel, THE HARD GOODBYE, was released about a month and a half ago. It’s picking up some great reviews so far, hopefully we’ll get some more coming pretty soon. This novel is a special little gem to me. There are lots of reasons why this one holds such a special place in my heart, but among them are two that really stand out. First, RAY GARTON, the author who penned masterpieces of horror fiction such as LIVE GIRLS, RAVENOUS, THE NEW NEIGHBOR, and dozens more actually gave the book a little shout out! It’s right there on the cover—what we call a “blurb” in the biz (I say donning flashy Ray Bans)—and I couldn’t be more proud of that praise. He’s a favorite author of mine and is a literal legend in the horror fiction world. In fact, he’s also the recipient of the Grand Master of Horror, and that’s impressive! I could go on and begin (begin?) gushing like a schoolgirl over his words about my book ON my book, but I’m determined to maintain some semblance of dignity and self-respect here, so I shan’t. Suffice it to say, that’s AWESOME!
*giggles and squeaks*
The second reason this is such a special book to me is that it is the first novel of mine to be picked up by a press and isn’t self-published. It’s true, I’ve been published in a few anthologies by other presses, and my novella TRESPASS (available here) was published last year by Deadman’s Tome, but this is the first NOVEL. It may only be just BARELY considered a novel (I use the HWA standard of novels being 40,000 words and up), but it’s a novel. So that’s cool. And a side note on word counts for novels…wtf is with the near total absence of a hard and fast standard on this? The HWA says it’s 40K words, while elsewhere I’ve seen pontifications that it must be 50K at a minimum, and elsewhere yet I’ve seen both 60K and 65K declared the bare minimum before receiving the moniker of novel. Same goes with novellas, because of the floating number for the bottom end of novels, the top end of novellas drifts as well. Oh well, it really doesn’t matter and I’m rambling like a drug-fueled demonic monkey on a junkie’s back (if you got that reference, I appreciate you helping me keep the lights on). The HWA says 40K, I’m going with them.
*harrumphs and kicks a rock, which smarts*
So there’s that. THE HARD GOODBYE is out and ready to be placed in your trembling hands as you gasp with bated breath at the awesomeness of the event. You can get it here. The audiobook is in production now and should be out next month, and the narrator is doing a fantastic job. I hope you’ll check it out. But I didn’t hang up my hat with that one, so here’s what’s coming next. Actually, some backstory is required first, so I’ll start with that and then get to the “what’s next” part. So, (cracks knuckles) here we go.
Way back in August of 2016, I finally sat down to write a new novel. I was still working on my first novel, A MURDER OF SAINTS (available here), doing revisions, but it would still be more than a year before I published it. But I had this idea, and it was boring a hole in my head, demanding to be released. The idea came to me as I was watching the first season of Stranger Things on Netflix, while at the same time doing a re-read of Stephen King’s IT. I loved the retro setting, the nostalgia, the coming of age, the multiple timelines, the parallel universe thing…all super cool. But I had an entirely different setting in mind, radically different characters and situations, and my villains were neither clowns nor demogorgons (I have no idea how to spell that correctly). I had something much different in mind. It was going to be set in 1990 and 2016, same main characters and locale, just as kids and then as adults. But that’s where the similarities with IT would end. So I got to work. Best, period, writing, period, I’ve ever done, PERIOD! I was super proud of what I was churning out and kept thinking I was seeing the ending come together in the not so distant future. Then it would move out just a little more. Then a little more still. I decided to stop trying to guesstimate where it would end and just let it flow naturally like a finely cultured piss.
By the time I finished the first draft, it was 230,000 words long. That’s a long friggin’ book if that’s not obvious from the word count. Stephen King churns out some doorstop novels, but he’s King and people will buy his stuff no matter what and no matter the price. Nobody knows who I am yet, and parting with the stack of cash a publisher would have to charge to cover printing costs on a book that big is just not something folks are going to do for an unknown (though they should *another harrumph and smarting rock kick*). And there was one other problem: the two timelines were actually, though I wrote them back and forth in each chapter as I went along, two completely finished, independent novels. One was a sequel, to be sure, but they both stood on their own. So, I separated them and decided to give them very similar, but different names. I fixed the formatting, polished up the first book, had it thoroughly edited and proofread, and handed it over to my agent. THE DAMNED PLACE is out for submissions as I write these words, and we’re hoping to start hearing back some yays or nays in the next few weeks.
Once the first book was finished, I wrote an insanely funny and utterly disgusting short story for a bizarro anthology coming up, then I dove into the second book. I’m about 2/3s through my revisions on it, then it too will be edited and (hopefully) sent to whichever publisher picks up the first one. THE DAMNED ONES is, I believe, the very best kind of sequel, and I can’t wait for everyone to read it.
I have an idea for a third novel in the same series, and I have a title and everything, it’s just waiting to be written. I’ll be getting to that one soon, probably this fall. Between now and then, I’m going to finish THE DAMNED ONES and get it ready for submissions, then hammer out a couple short stories just to keep that pencil razor sharp (plus I’ve got a terrific idea for a terrifying sci/fi horror story) and move on to a special project that will stand alone from, but also tie directly into, The Damned Series. I’m holding the details to this one close to the chest, but what I will say is this: It is set in 1879, yet it takes place BETWEEN the events of THE DAMNED ONES (set in 2016) and the events of the third book in the series (set in 2021 or 2022). So that’s going to be fun to play around with and watch folks scratch their heads over.
And there’s much more on the horizon, but I’ve spilled so much here, I gotta hang onto a few things to keep this newsletter alive! Needless to say, I’m in the midst of some exciting times in my writing career. I’m walking the tightrope of becoming a noted author, working a day job, and being and good father and husband to my kids and my wife, which is the most important job a man will ever have. So bear with me, I’m going to do my best to make this a monthly way of updating my friends and followers, as well as a place to make big reveals. I appreciate each and every one of you and hope you’ll consider becoming a Patron on my Patreon page here. Every tiny bit helps out, and it gives me greater opportunities to write more often and gets us closer to our mutual goal: more awesome horror books!
Well, looks like we made it through the first newsletter! There were some cuts and scrapes along the way, and my toe hates me for using it to golf rocks, but these wounds will heal. We’ll forge ahead and figure this thing out as we go along. God bless you all, and until next time, stay rad!
If you’d like to read the prologue to my new novel THE DAMNED PLACE now before it’s published, visit the blog on my website. As of this writing, it’s the top post on that page. Find it here: If you’ve read any of my work and want to shoot me some feedback—or if you just want to chat about the weather and the migration habits of diseased European swallows (no subject is off-limits)—send me an email to You can also follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Patreon to keep up with all my digital shenanigans.
Thanks again, guys!



ChrisSee More At My WebsiteA MURDER OF SAINTS Lust, greed, cover-up, revenge…and that’s just the beginning. Get ready to root for the bad guy.

Beware of what you might find in the woods. Those who trespass want to be left alone.

Available in Digital, Paperback, and Audio!
Available in Digital, Paperback, and Audio!THE HARD GOODBYE

“Brutal, driving suspense, with an opening that’ll grab you by the throat–but keep in mind it’s only the beginning.”–Ray Garton, author of LIVE GIRLS and RAVENOUS

Available in Digital and Paperback, Audio coming soon!Copyright © 2019 Chris Miller, All rights reserved.

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Getting Personal with Mike Ennenbach

1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?

Twenty or so. It was horrific. So bad. It was mostly just an exercise when I look back at it. I put my friends in the most ridiculous situations. I knew it was bad, but it felt so good to create.

2. How many books have you written?

 As of right now, the collection and one novel. Add in the thousand and some odd poems, a novella and the two books in progress and we can round it to three.

3. Anything you won’t write about?

Not really. Sometimes there is a clear path from beginning to end. But I have found once the words start to flow they can ceer sharply away. So while I may not want to write about something, I may find myself in the middle of it anyway. 

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc…

I am in my early forties, divorced with two awesome kids. They are pretty much my everything. Besides writing all the damn time, I am a technician (electro-mechanical) and have fixed everything from juke boxes and pinball machines to plastic injection molders and high capacity conveyors for UPS. Probably most everything in between as well

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?

 Personally the Rain trilogy of short stories. But they are all my babies. For the longest time I had lost one that is included in Notches, ‘T-Rex and Babydoll’. It was a fever dream of a story and when I lost it I tried to rewrite it but never could get it right. Then one day it just showed up again. So that gets points as my white whale for a long time.

6. Who or what inspired you to write? 

I used to sketch a lot. Then one day I couldn’t draw what I saw in my head. I’ve always been imaginative. One day I decided to try and draw with words. It was pretty terrible but I kept at it with the encouragement of friends. 

7. What do you like to do for fun?

I like B movies and video games. And I tend to skip both and read. But nothing brings the satisfaction of writing.

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book? 

I start the next story or poem. No basking in the after glow for me. By the end of a story the next has been burning pretty fierce and clawing it’s way out.

9. Where do you write? Quiet or music? 

Depends on the scene. But music is a go to. Old school punk and Japanese bop jazz do the trick. Quiet when I write in bed or if I have to try and wrangle the words back on course. 

10. Anything you would change about your writing?

 I would make it so I could write high fantasy. I love the stuff when it comes to reading but I am not wired for it. The hardest lesson I had to learn was to really research what I was writing. It drivesme nuts to find inconsistencies or errors that a simple search could fix.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer? 

When I was fresh out of high school I met Maya Angelou. Ever since then I wanted to be a poet laureate. But I would take NY Times Best Selling author and a few awards if they were handing then out.

12. Where do you live? 

Right between Dallas and Fort Worth in Grand Prairie Texas. Home of Sandy Cheeks from SpongeBob. 

13. Pets? 

I’ve had my share of cats over the years but none at the moment. I want a Maine Coon or lynx. And hedgehogs are adorable but require attention I’m just not capable of alone.

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing? 

The reactions of the readers. When someone says they were moved to tears. Or is angry over a turn in the story. It is satisfying to illicit a response.

15. What is coming next for you? 

I have submitted my first novel. I’m really proud of it. It is the culmination of everything I have been writing. The first of four books that follows Arthur Hardly, a gambler with extraordinary luck as he tries to stop the end of the world. It combines all the things I enjoy – mythology, humor, a leprechaun with a serious drug problem, Aleister Crowley and traveling to strange and sometimes horrifying places.

16. Where do you get your ideas?

Everywhere. I am curious about everything. I do Wikipedia roulette and get lost down the rabbit hole. Combine that with my depression and there is no telling where my head is going to go.

Buy Notches. Follow my blog ( for daily poems and the occasional short story. This is just the beginning. I have stories to tell the world whether it is ready or not.

A Collection of dark, twisted and some humorous stories including an epic dark poem from the tormented mind of M. Ennenbach.  Each story will give you a window into the darkness of the soul. Fueled by raw, powerful emotions. They will chew you up and spit you out leaving you quivering on the floor in a gruesome mess begging for more. Are you brave enough to traverse the dark path laid before you or will you become another notch on the wall? 

400 Days Of Oppression by Wrath James White

December 5th, 2018 12:03am

400 Days Of Oppression by: Wrath James White

I read a lot. I love to read. I have favorite books. This book is an end all book. I just now finished reading it and I’m not sure how I will pick up the next one and start reading. I started this book last night after doing the pod cast that I co-host with Jesse Dedman. It was midnight and I figured I would read just a hour or two at the most. By 3am I was only 20% in the book and had already been mad as hell, cried like a fool and didn’t know if it would be possible to read more. I couldn’t put it down. It had me in its grips and it wasn’t going to let go. Truth be told, I didn’t want it to let go. I was totally amazed.

I have always had a great respect for Wrath. He is smart, talented and strong. He has a presence about him that tells you I don’t take shit. I wish I was more like that at times. He is also outspoken and stands tall for what he believes. I have said many times that if someone was bothering me at a convention and I knew he was there I would run straight to him. I have no doubt I would be safe. Now, I tell you all this to say… my opinion of Wrath has changed. Reading this book I saw a side of him I didn’t know. A side I really like. A deeply sensitive and caring side of him. It is profound. I find it hard to convey in words exactly how I feel. So, I will say that admiration would be quite appropriate.

There are two main characters in this book. A white woman who is a school teacher. She grew up in a trailer park, had a rough life. Was raped and abused as a young girl but was determined to do better. The other character is a black man. He grew up in the ghetto. His mother faked their address to send him to a good school so that he got an education. She wanted better for him. She wanted him to have a better life. He became an entrepreneur. Smart, good looking and talented. They meet at a night club. She is with a cute girlfriend of hers and is shocked that this beautiful man shows interest in her and ignores her friend. At the end of the night he asks for her phone number. She laughs but gives it to him thinking she won’t hear from him again. He calls several days later and immediately asks for her address. Not sure why or if he will show she gives it to him. He comes over and they start dating. She falls hard for him and he falls for her. He then informs her that in order for her to be with him she needs to learn what his ancestors suffered. So that she understands him and what he has faced in life. He explains what all this will involve and tells her that she will suffer the same things they did for 400 days. He provides her with a safe word. If she says it then it will end and they will be done. He will walk away. If she succeeds then he will marry her. She agrees. Now at this point I will tell you that he is involved in the BDSM lifestyle and he brings her into this. Some of it is hot some will make you cringe. If you think that this book isn’t horror you are mistaken. At one point reading a scene I yelled now this is how you write horror! The cats ran! Lol There are so many twists and turns in this book that will leave you with your mouth on the floor. I was shocked and couldn’t decide if I wanted to save her or smack her at times. You will love both characters and the ending totally threw me. I never expected it and no it isn’t a happily ever after. This is horror! In my opinion everyone should read this book. I knew a lot about what the slaves went through but I can say that I learned a lot. Some times I felt like it was me going through what she suffered through. He described this book to me as an emotional roller coaster. That is no lie!

This is an easy engrossing read. It quickly pulls you in and really twists you up. Unfortunately, I have seen first hand prejudice. It is an ugly thing to me. I will never understand it. I have always seen people. It doesn’t matter to me color, religion or sexual preference. I know that many people don’t see it that way. I also know that many people are treated bad and differently because of this and it makes me mad. There is a small town in Tennessee called Brownsville. It is racially divided. My mother side of the family was from there. I had not been there since I was 7 years old until a year after my mom died. I went back to see the house she lived in and the town that I grew up in thinking since it was now 2011 things surely had changed. I was mistaken. It is still much the same. The hotel I stayed at was a Hampton Inn. A nice hotel. Clean and the front desk staff was friendly. There was a McDonald’s in front of the hotel and I stopped there for breakfast the next morning on my way out of town. The young lady that was working the drive thru took my order. When I pulled to the window to pay she refused to look at me. She took the money and handed me the order and shut the window. I thanked her but she didn’t speak to me or ever looked up. It confused me. I didn’t get it then it hit me. I was white. She had been made to think somewhere along the lines that she wasn’t to look up. I don’t think I will ever forget how that made me feel. Much like this story it cut me to the core of my soul. How could one person think they were better than another? Damn it! It was 2011. This shouldn’t be happening. The sad fact is that it still does happen. My long winded point is expand your views, read this book it will change how you see things. That is a great and wonderful thing my friends! Thank you Wrath, for being you, for writing this book and for teaching me more about life and what other have lived through and still live through! It is an honor to know you and call you my friend!

Becky Narron-Roadie Notes

UNLEASHED from Death’s Head Press…..

Available for pre-order now!

As the old axiom goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. 
John Savage realized that too late.
Following the biggest job of their lives, John and his small crew think they’ve got it made. But a lawyer, a junkie, a crooked cop, Savage and his girlfriend have unknowingly opened Pandora’s Box. And they won’t know it until it’s too late. As the brutally tortured bodies of their partners come to light, tensions rise all the way to the screaming, chaotic conclusion of this bloody crime thriller.
High risk brings high reward, but the safe bet is usually the smartest. Stick to the plan, or get ready for the hard goodbye.