Ms. Creant: The Wrong Doers! Life With Women: The Long Awaited Instructional Manual by: E.A. Barker


Yes, I know before you all go screaming in the other direction no this is not a horror book. I decided to pick up something different and try it out. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised.  When you first start reading this you will think man this guy hates women. However the more you read the more it becomes apparent that he in fact loves and adores them even with all our faults.

Personally I think that everyone that has ever been in a relationship or will ever be in a relationship should read this book. It is insightful, funny at times and not for children. The stories about the different women that he has been involved with are amazing. Well written and flow very smoothly. It made reading very enjoyable. You will identify with some of the stories and others you will find exciting and very interesting.  This book could very easily be classified as a self-help book and might very well help you understand your partners and what you are doing wrong or right. Now all the women in this book are totally anonymous and never is there a mention of names or clues as to who they are or could be.

E. A. Barker is without a doubt a very talented writer. His voice in this book is solid and strong and the writing will draw you in and before you know it you will be totally absorbed in what is going on in his world. To say I enjoyed this book is an understatement and hope that he will write many more books to come. He definitely has a fan in me. Please take the time to read this amazing book and make sure you leave a review. I would give this book a 5 star review out of 5 possible stars. This is one you don’t want to miss. Try something different you won’t be sorry.


You can pick up a copy of this book here:


Getting personal with Stuart Brogan

I’m going to start this interview a little different. I’m going to post the blurb for Stuart’s new book Jackal…. enjoy!

From the aftermath of a brutal massacre at a rural police station two survivors leave behind a swathe of bodies and a cryptic sigil painted on the wall in blood. A disgraced Detective Inspector begrudgingly starts to investigate the crime scene but as the facts begin to emerge the trail appears to lead into the highest echelons of power making the policeman himself the next target. As the conspiracy spirals ever deeper and with no-one to trust, both prime suspect and policeman are forced into an unlikely alliance to prove, not only their innocence but the existence of a force so ingrained into our society it could rewrite the very fabric of human nature.

Please welcome Stuart Brogan to Roadie Notes……..

1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?

Hi there, thanks for having me. I began writing when I was about fourteen years old. At the time, I was heavily influenced by Fighting Fantasy, choose your own adventure books. Then, as I grew older, I started to write horror stories inspired by those authors around in the early 90’s.

2. How many books have you written?

At present I have released two nonfiction books called HEATHEN WARRIOR and HEROES OF PAGAN BRITAIN. These are all about, not surprisingly, Heathenry and Paganism. I have also written one action / horror novel entitled JACKALS.

I am currently 90% finished with a novella called SCALLYWAG. It is a fast-paced horror / thriller due to be released at the end of April / early May.

3. Anything you won’t write about?

Zombies! I find they are boring and have been done to death (excuse the pun). Everybody seems to be writing about them, each claiming to have a different slant on the story. Also, there seems to be a trend for gore for the sake of gore, I have violent scenes but it has a meaning and serves a purpose rather than for little more than shock value.

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc

I am currently 41 years young and am happily married with three-step kids. I reside in Glastonbury, UK where I live with the family and also have two cats and a man-eating Shih-Poo dog called “Poppy”.

I do have a boring Mon – Fri day job but I also own a Viking / Heathen shop called Shield Maiden in Glastonbury. In this we sell everything from drinking horns to period tents. We supply everyone from re-enactors to Museums.

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?

At this point, I have to say JACKALS.

I had so much fun writing it and exploring the story, not to mention the fact the characters were really interesting to write.

None of them are perfect people. None of them are truly evil or good. They all have failings. The reader may sympathize with one then something will happen to totally undermine their reasoning for liking them in the first place.

6. Who or what inspired you to write?

Initially, it was the fact that the only things I really enjoyed at school were the creative subjects. Reading those early, choose your own adventure books really fired my imagination and I loved being transported to other worlds.

Later I started to explore horror from authors like Shaun Hutson and Brian Lumley and a host of others. I also loved watching all those classic 80’s horror / action movies.

I figured I could write my own stuff and be as free as my mind would allow.

7. What do you like to do for fun?

I am an avid shooter. I enjoy close range tactical disciplines as well as F-Class long-range target shooting out to one mile.

For me it is a “Zen” moment, it relaxes me and focus’s the mind. I also enjoy archery but don’t have a lot of time to go these days.

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?

Nothing written in stone, I am of the opinion that every book has its own energy and as such, generates a different emotion or response when complete.
Sometimes I might just jump straight in to the next one or take a break. I let what happens take its own course.

9. Where do you write? Quite or music?

I would love to say that I have my own study or man cave but alas I sit on my couch with my laptop, fueled by copious amounts of caffeine and nicotine.

Usually I like to be surrounded by silence but now and then I am partial to having some really nasty and bleak black metal in the background.

10. Anything you would change about your writing?

I am happy with my “voice” and hybrid style but like any author, I want to improve in my craft. Sometimes I read other authors and am blown away by their sentence structure and their ability to convey emotion. I have only released one novel to date so it’s very early days.

I can only get better.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?

My dream would be living off of my writing; fame and fortune mean little to me. The most important thing is to be able to pay your bills, have clothes on your back and food on the table, all from doing something you love.

This doesn’t mean being a millionaire nor being famous, in fact, I am a very private person and would find such fame alien.

Having said that, if Hollywood wants to pay me a lot of money for movie rights, I wouldn’t say no!

12. Where do you live?

I currently live in Glastonbury, UK.

13. Pets?

I have a man-eating Shih-Poo dog named “Poppy” as well as two cats called Mia & Gimli.

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?

The escapism from the world around me, to be able to visit faraway lands or create the most terrifying creatures; it’s the limitless possibilities that fire our imaginations.

15. What is coming next for you?

I have a novella called SCALLYWAG coming out at the end of April / early May which will be available in paperback and Kindle via Amazon worldwide.

Keep an eye on my social media pages for details and release date.

Fans of fast paced horror / thrillers are in for one hell of a ride.



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All Tied up with String #3 ‘B-Side’ review by: Mandy Tyra


And now for the 3rd custom-made creepy tale in the All Tied up with String collection; B-Side, all about that soul soothing rock and roll.
A very different kind of Stuart Keane story, this one is more about the mood, it’s moody.
It’s like, an inner reflection that casts a very outward impression.
That’s the beauty of Keane, he can go all out with the horrific and explicit graphic gross goodness with his stories, ooor just as easily…..he can mello it all back inwards and let the tune set the tone, without missing a dynamic beat.
Swan Song in Whispers 1 is a great example of how he can take the same topic (as B-Side) and write them on completely opposite ends of the scare spectrum.
I’m pretty confident he could write a straight up period piece drama and it’d still be A-1 exceptional.
It has nothing to do with the storyline and everything to do with the storyteller.The next pawn in Stuart’s king stacked strategic playlist is Lorraine Sadler, who is a lover of horror books and had the (mis)fortune to meet and chat with him at a convention last year.
Conventions are great places for fans and writers to form lasting bonds, really cement that 2 way street.
I would frequent them often and form many lasting (adhering) bonds but nobody with any sense comes to the frozen desolate tundra of North Dakota…. :/

A lot of grand music mentioned in this, Lorraine and Stuart both have stellar taste in tunes!

B-Side beats in at about 30 pages.

“Music. From the symphonies of death (the Danse Macabre), to the chilled relaxation of Bob Dylan, music takes me where nothing else can. Where will it take me now?” Lorraine Sadler ~ concluding euphoric overtones of

Lorraine is cleaning out and reorganizing her storage closet, getting whisked away by the waves of nostalgia that all the old trinkets and keepsakes are giving her. Her LP collection especially, is very impressive and deserves a bit of up keep and display.
One such unopened record she doesn’t recognize though….
Her retrospect and recollect interrupted by a knock on the door, it’s her neighbor, Jackie, this particular neighbor is of the crotchety meddlesome variety, has been a bit too meddlesome in Lorraine’s past. Sending the nagging hag on her way, she gets back to her rousing business, that mysterious record though…..
Ohhhh now she remembers, it’s an old one from many years past, worthy of a debut spin on her turntable.
Feeling attune with good vibrations in full elation ~ total zen.
Until, another knock on the door….

All I gotta say is I like this Lorraine and I think we’d be great friends. We got some…stuff in common, from distinguished music to defective men…
And I’m so glad I finally got another gal to gab with, it’s gonna be awhile before another one comes along so we made it count. After I let her braid my hair, paint my nails (deep purple, of course), and once music was moving us proper, aaaand after a couple of bottles of red, I hit the query segment of our chatty pep rally.

1.) How do you know the author?
I discovered Stuart by accident at Comic-con, spotted the stall, read the back of The Customer is Always…., it sounded interesting so I bought that along with Cine and Whispers.

2.) What is your first and/or favorite Keane book?
I’m still working my way through, and am hoping Outbreak will become my new favorite, but would say Whispers 2 for the variety in stories. Can I also add B-Side in there too, I was really impressed with how the story built and felt myself smiling at the memories that had actually been included.

3.) Tell me a little bit about the treasured topic you chose for Keane to utterly desecrate with little or no regard for?
I’m a fan of music from all genres, nicking my dad’s LP’s gave me a flavour for classic rock, then college days allowed me to explore and expand my tastes, Spotify has become a good friend.
I don’t think he killed the music for me so I was quite pleased.

4.) Are you equal parts disturbed and delighted with your tailor-made tale?
Another great read, I was kept guessing as to what ‘note’ the story would end on, but happily surprised. It was also made super special by the personal touches of little events added into the storyline.

YES, I must say, I like this lady. Oh yeeea. Thank you Lorraine for those awesome replies, and that awesome plait. Moxie. 😉

Next up, Zachary Walters takes lead in YoYo and it’s about….yoyo’s.
Hmmm an innocent children’s toy, well, not in the skilled hands and cracked knuckles of our Mr. Keane. He gots tricks.
I reckon this one really will be All Tied up with String.
Due out the end of April. Till then, Cheerios. 😀


Getting personal with James Richardson

James Richardson is an amazing man who I am glad I have gotten to know better. He has a great sense of humor and amazing imagination. His books are vivid and full of life and ones you don’t want to miss reading. I highly recommend getting to know him and reading his books. Please welcome James Richardson to Roadie Notes…….



1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?
I was about 28 when I first wrote Terra Dragon Chronicles, after that stories just started to snowball.

2. How many books have you written?
I have written three novel’s so far and a fourth on the way, along with some short stories that are waiting to be published.

3. Anything you won’t write about?
Romance! While yes I do write sex scenes into my novel’s, it’s just romance seems to be a hurdle I just can’t jump. The only romance short story I wrote well let’s say I won’t be doing it again.

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc…
Well I’m 35, not married, no kid’s, while I think of myself as a full-time writer I also work as a security guard. What can I say got to pay the bills somehow.

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?
Hmm that’s a hard one, as I am sure with other authors out there they love every book they have written. If I had to pick it be the Twilight City series I have currently going, because who doesn’t love werewolves and vampires killing each other.

6. Who or what inspired you to write?
R.A. Salvatore’s The Dark Elf Trilogy. There in the forward of the book resounded so profoundly within me I knew what I wanted to become and I quote “That’s the thing about fictional characters: they have a way of becoming real- and not just real to the people reading them, but surprisingly multidimensional for the author as well. I come to love, hate, admire, or despise I create in my books. For that to happen, each must act constantly within the framework of his or her experience, whether those events appear in the books or not.” end quote.

7. What do you like to do for fun?
I tend to read a lot, play video games, and sleep lot’s, and lot’s of sleep.

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?
Well I do take a week off to relax before I start working on another book.

9. Where do you write? Quite or music?
Anywhere I can, at home, work, anywhere I’m not disturbed.

10. Anything you would change about your writing?
Grammar always about the grammar oh and an editor I can actually afford.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?
Well that would be nice but I’d settle for top 50 if that’s possible.

12. Where do you live?
Currently I’m residing in South Carolina.

13. Pets?
Dog’s far to many of them for my liking.

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?
The worlds I create for my stories I tend to wander around. Poking at every little thing I can to ensure that it is as real to me as I hope the reader’s see them as.

15. What is coming next for you?
Well I’m halfway done with the second book in the Twilight City series so hopefully it goes well.


You can connect to James Richardson here:


James Richardson’s books:


The Head review by: Mandy Tyra

HA HA HA EXCELLENT, what a brilliant little short story.

Had never read anything from this Brian Barr feller but I kept seeing The Head floating ALL over my Goodreads feed, all my friends were reading it, so of course, I have to also.
I’m such a pack follower, had to check it and him out.
So glad I did. I read a ton of short stories and this would get my vote for one of the best written and most original (totally wacked out the head) tales.
Hands down, HEADS UP ~ no tails.Not quite 40 pages, I couldn’t put it down, the quintessential page turner.
Elizabeth is tinkering around in her mom’s garden, she finds a severed head.
His name is Bill, he has a headache, and he doesn’t really feel like talking about it.
Baffled yet fascinated, she decides to takes him home, to tend to his….condition, and over time they do end up talking about quite a bit, they have bunches in common and Elizabeth is just positively smitten, kind of wishes he was whole person though…

And that’s it, I can’t say anymore about the plot, it would be a HUGE insult to this writer and this ingenious ~ a cut above ~ razor sharp, morbid little tale.

The entire time I was reading and highly enjoying this, I couldn’t help but think that the ending was going to be a bit of a let down or all cliched up or something.
IT’S NOT, the ending was a real jaw dropper and nothing my limited imagination even came close to picturing.
HOLY SHIT WOW, now this is how to write a short story, it’s heads ~ and shoulders, knees, and toes ~ above most.

It’s so outlandish yet reads so straight up and absurdly palpable, tongue firmly in both cheeks but as if it’s just…one of them thangs.
Brian Barr, such an easy going writing style with spot on comedic delivery.

I hear it was based off a dream he had….
Hmm…what’s he smoking before bed??? Care to share?? 😀 😀

It looks like he has a handful of shorts, think I’ll check out Show and Tell next about a creative writing student trying to better her story for her professor, make it…pop off the page….
Not sure, gonna check it out!!


You can pick up a copy here:

Punch review by: Mandy Tyra


Oh, my god. I am gutted….                                                                                                                 Just…. gutted from J.R. Park’s strikingly realistic, dramatically powerful portrayal of a good and honest man pushed and pulled (head first) over the brink of his sanity.
Martin Powell is a broken man, his hopes and dreams cruelly crushed years ago, 10 years ago to be exact, he’s been ‘away’ for 10 long gruelling torturous years, away from his home in the idyllic seaside town of Stanwick Sands where he ran the popular Punch and Judy show.
He loved children, he loved performing, he loved life, he was a great puppeteer and his booth was a show stopping spectacle with the kiddos, and adults.
With flashback pieces peppered throughout, you quickly get up to speed on the where’s, how’s, and why’s regarding our Mr. Powell and his going-ons of the past decade.

Now, back in town simply to get his affairs in order, mainly fix up his old house so he can sell it and move on with his damaged destitute life, elsewhere.
Well, ‘simple‘ doesn’t take too kindly to him, once the townsfolk pick up on his scent.
Even the paper runs a frontpage ‘announcement’.
Small town close-knit communities really can be a fickle rabid bitch and he’s met with a hateful vigor.
Buuuut, he’s trying his damnedest to not let it bother him, the carnival is in town that week and he’s feeling all nostalgic, plus, he’s met himself a gal. She really fancies him and he’s really feeeling good for the first time in ages.
Sadly, the bothers get beyond bothersome, they get downright violent, which breeds more violence.
Ya know, even the most pleasant, sweet-natured, and forgiving man has his limits, you can only bend, twist, and wretch someone so much, before an inevitable snap into a dozen schizophrenic pieces befalls.

So now, a little revival is in show stopping store for the residents of Stanwick Sands.
YEP, Mr. Powell is gonna host his own happy reunion welcome back party. The Punch and Judy show is baaaack, with a few new puppeteer characters.
Gotta keep up with the times and give the public what they want, what they deserve….

OH man, does this gets brutal in the 2nd half!!

You will flat-out loathe quite a few of these characters but never Martin, even after all the eye-popping (gouging) and stomach turning (…disemboweling) atrocious acts he ‘performs’, you still can’t find fault in him. Especially when it comes to a couple of horrid young women….prissy little twunts.

They’ve taken everything from him; his years, his life, his entire livelihood, including his spirit and now finally, his sanity.
You care and feel for him. Aaand then you hoop, rally, and cheer him on in this little purging punitive comeuppance exhibition of his.
I felt so dirty, yet it was quite cleansing.

This book affected me deeply, I can’t shake it off, I’m trying but the whiplash is affecting me more. Oh it just made me sick, all the juvenile injustices, so unfair….just tragic. Made my blood boil!
I felt like I was right there going through all that with Martin.
The cringing, the crying, and of course, the gagging…yea, I went a bit batshit over this suckerPunch of a book. And it was actually uncomfortable to read at times, I had to take little breaks.
That’s ALL due to Mr. Park’s amazingly captivating, all-consuming (all-inclusive) writing style.
It’s totally absorbing, you just get soaked right into it….through it
Whisked away into this cathartic retributive tale in this coastal town as if it’s a virtual reality feature playing on the 4D screen. Could even smell the salty air.
I actually read in the acknowledgments that this was originally written as a script for a movie!?
Make that happen Mr. Park!!
Bryan Cranston would make for a perfect lead, a little older but considering what the character has gone through, premature aging would fit well.
OR, if you insist on a British bloke, I vote Gary Oldman. Oh Yeah!

I simply cannot believe this book is not more popular, come on people, what’s the deal ~ READ IT, live in it, dream in it. So what if you get a vivid nightmare or two….
No seriously, if you want an incredibly well written and deeply profound, plus yucky gross book ~ THEN THIS IS IT!! 😀
I LOVE it when a book (i.e. phenomenal author) has the power to suck, errr..soak you in like this.
Definitely (and defiantly) one of my favorite recent reads and I read bunches.
Creepy as hell cover too.

Terror Byte shall be my next read from him, about a killer computer program….it might be a tad bit over my head because I am a self professed (ok, majority professed) cyber-tard but hey, I may learn a thing or two. Possible don’t gotta be plausible…right???….. :/ Lol


You can get the book here:


Getting even more personal with Lisa Vasquez

There is no questions that Lisa Vasquez is a terrifically talented lady. She runs Stitched Smile Publications and also is an amazing writer and makes some of the best book covers around.I am super proud to know her, work with her and be her friend and beta reader. If you have not read anything she has written you are making a HUGE mistake. I highly recommend The Unfleshed one of her newest books. it will have you turning pages and feeling very uncomfortable in your own skin. She is truly passionate about everything she does and is always all in for anything. She is also a mom, grandma and wife and how she finds time to do all she does I will never know. She has helped countless writers just starting out and some established ones as well. She is a diamond in the Indie Book world. Thank you for all you do! You are much-loved and respected.


1. It’s been awhile since we talked what new books do you have out now? Latest release?
Yes it has! Thanks for having me back on Roadie Notes! Recently, I released The Unfleshed: Tale of the Autopsic Bride and I had a short included in Kevin J. Kennedy’s Collected Christmas Shorts

2. If you could pick any author alive or dead to have lunch with who would it be? Why?
I would definitely pick Anne Rice. She’s an accomplished author and Renaissance woman, in my eyes. She is a voice to her fans, she interacts with them, she has grace and intelligence. We seem to have a lot in common as far as interests…I think it would be an amazing lunch date.

3. What is the strangest thing a fan has ever done?
Thankfully, I don’t have of those weird tales to tell. My fans are weird in a good way. But they haven’t done weird “things” toward me, lol.

4. What is the one thing you dread to do when writing?
Editing! Ugh…you think you caught all those annoying hiccups only to find a fat, red ribbon of corrections across your words, haha!

5. Did you have imaginary friends growing up? Tell me about them
Imaginary? No. Ghosts? Probably. Voices? More than likely. I’m sort of a private person when it comes to my past and my childhood. We had some really hard times. Some things are just better left forgotten. However, suffice it to say, I had dolls that were lifelike.

Once time, my father (who was big into Film and Horror) acquired one of those Charlie ventriloquist dolls? (Already shuddering) and he was showing it to me. Well, as a young girl I’m sure the wide eyes could’ve been mistaken for awe, but in reality it was extreme fear. I don’t remember how, but it ended up where that night when I was in bed, the doll was there, too. I don’t remember if I brought it there or if it was given to me. What I do remember was that Charlie didn’t make it.

The next morning my parents woke up and Charlie’s head was popped off and his stuffing was everywhere. I told them he tried to kill me.

6. Do you go to conventions? If not why?
I have been to a few, they are stupid expensive. It’s a long couple days to be sitting in one spot in folding chairs. It’s such a bit of work to lug tons of books and swag through elevators and back doors and parking a mile away. However, I love conventions and most times it’s worth it.

7. How many times did you have to submit your first story before it was accepted?
Four times before I started Stitched Smile Publications and got the rights back to one so I could have it re-edited and polished to my standards.

8. Ever consider not writing? If so what made you continue?
No, never. That’s like asking me not to breathe.

9. Ever thought about writing in a different category?
Yes, quite a bit. Then I decided to hybrid them. So I write Dark Fantasy, or Dark Science Fiction 🙂

10. Any new additions to the family?
Indeed! My beautiful grandson Aiden to my son James and his wife Selena. He’s my Mogwai!

11. What is coming up next for you?
I have one novel, two novellas, a few short stories, and another project I won’t mention yet, underway.

12. Do you do release parties? Do you think they work?
I do them, yes. Do they work? That depends on what you mean. Do they solicit a lot of sales? Not generally but it’s about the die-hard, loyal fans. We would not be where we are without them so we give back in that way.

13. Do you have crazy stalker fans? Have you ever had one you wish would go away?
No, not really. I have some wonderful fans and they are very respectful. I guess I’m either too scary or I put off a vibe?

14. Do you still have a “day job” ? If so what do you do?
Day job is watching Mogwai and Stitched Smile Publications.

15. What is your process for writing? Do you have a voice in your head?
Oh…there are so many voices in my head. Alter egos fight for the spotlight all the time. And since I can change moods on a good breeze, what I write depends on who’s captain of the ship that day.

As for the process, I need quiet. If I don’t have quiet, the voices become like static. All of them jumbled into un-discernible sounds. I hear them, I just can’t make out the words. When there is quiet, they come through like a calm dictation. A friend telling another friend a story. Soft music is ok. It has to be appropriate to the mood. My vape (I quit smoking but I vape to satisfy the hand-habit) and a drink (water or coffee depending on time of day…sometimes I treat myself to tea).

16. Is there a book you want to make a sequel to you haven’t yet?
I want to make the sequel to Unsaintly as soon as I get the first one shined up. The Unsaintly was created to be a series, so I’m itching to get that one out.

If you like short reads, my newsletter will feature a novella piece by piece and will ONLY go to newsletter readers until it’s published — whenever that will be. I want to give something back to the ones that support me the most. So if you like being treated like an Elite, go sign up today!