Getting personal with Taylor Grant

Taylor Grant is an extremely nice guy. He has a great sense of humor and I love to tease him! This man writes amazing books and has a lot of talent. If you don’t know him or haven’t read his books you must! I promise you will not be sorry! If you give him a red velvet cupcake he will be your new best friend. He is a proud father and loves to spend time  outside. Please take the time to read about him and get to know him better. Please welcome Taylor Grant to Roadie Notes………..




1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?

The first complete story I remember writing was in 4th or 5th grade English class, written in longhand. It was a science fiction story called A Day in the Life of a Peace Provider, and it was an homage—okay, a total rip off– of Logan’s Run. But hey, we’ve all got our humble beginnings. I even provided a poorly drawn cover illustration for my magnum opus. I think I still have it in a box somewhere in the farthest depths of my storage room—never to see the light of day, but always special in my heart.

2. How many books have you written?

My stories have been published in over twenty books so far and counting. But it was my first collection, The Dark at the End of the Tunnel that put me on the map. It made several “best of” horror lists and was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. In addition, I co-wrote the #1 Amazon Bestselling comic Evil Jester Presents. I also have a new novella (from Cemetery Dance Publications) in the works, as well as a long overdue novel.

3. Anything you won’t write about?

I’m not a gore-hound. I leave the hardcore stuff to authors far more adept at that than I.

4. Tell me about you.

I’m an introvert so I tend to disappear in crowds (unless I’m speaking), but I’m great one-on-one. People often confuse introverts with being anti-social, which is completely inaccurate. Anti-social is a personality disorder, while introversion is a personality trait.

I am a bit of a health-nut and more spiritual than most people realize because I rarely talk about it openly. Note, I said spiritual—not religious.

Being a father is one of my greatest joys and I’m a sucker for Red Velvet Cupcakes.

My work (most of it non-horror) has been seen on the big screen, the stage, television, the Web, newspapers, magazines, and the radio. Two short films I’ve written recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and received distribution through Sony and Shorts TV.

I own over 50,000 comics, which makes me either certifiably insane or an insanely in love with the medium.

5. Who or what inspired you to write?
More than anything else, I’d have to point to the original Twilight Zone, the original Outer Limits, Night Gallery, The Night Stalker, TV horror movies of the 70s, Star Trek (original series), science fiction films, comic books, and short stories from Bradbury, Matheson, King, Nolan, Bloch and George R.R. Martin.

6. What do you like to do for fun?

I love watching my son play basketball, practicing Qi Gong, reading at the park on sunny days, watching films and old TV shows, live rock shows, hot tub/BBQ with friends, and acting on stage/film whenever I get the chance. Oh…and massages.

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?

Whenever I finish any fiction, whether it’s a short story, a screenplay, a comic script, etc.—I always take a moment to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as well as a sense of gratitude.

9. Where do you write? Quiet or music?

Out of necessity, I’ve learned to write ANYWHERE: longhand, using my phone (voice-to -text), iPad, laptop, and desktop computer. I generally like to listen to some kind of binaural beats or focus music, or Baroque music, as it has been shown in studies to create an atmosphere of focus.

10. Anything you would change about your writing?

I hope that the complexity and sophistication level of my work will continue over time.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?

I’ve never cared about fame. Money either. When it comes to prose fiction, I’ve always followed my heart. That’s not to say I don’t want success and a wide readership, but that was never my main focusing in becoming an author. In fact, becoming an author wasn’t really a strategy at all, I sort of fell into it after years of working as a professional screenwriter. Writing prose was a passionate hobby that has since grown into a career.

12. Where do you live?

The City of Angels. California.

13. Pets?

Not at the moment, but I’ve had many. I’m a dog maniac. I plan on adopting one again soon!

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?

No matter how many times I experience the creative process, I remain in awe of characters taking on a life of their own. When I am really in flow, it is rather like eavesdropping on a story as a scene unfolds, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I also a love a great plot twist that I didn’t see coming.

15. What is coming next for you?

I have a lot of irons on the fire in multiple mediums/industries. A film in development, a couple of TV shows in development, a novel and a novella, plus several short stories that have been accepted but not published yet. Keep an eye on Cemetery Dance Publications, as I have several works being published there in the near future.

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Getting personal with Justin Bog

Justin Bog is a very smart man. He has a great sense of humor and always makes me giggle. He is very kind and is willing to help anyone and I really respect that about him and almost all of the amazing Indie Authors I know. Recently I had the pleasure of reading his book The Conversationist and a review will be coming very soon! I look forward to reading more from him. He also has the most amazing handwriting I have ever seen! If you haven’t met Justin Bog yet please make sure you so and read his books you will like them! Please help me welcome Justin Bog to Roadie Notes……



1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?
Probably around twelve, and these were short skits, what would be called flash fiction today, humorous bits in the vein of Saturday Night Live plays. One centered on a trip to Mars as newsflash and the mission being doomed from the start.

2. How many books have you written?
I have written a few more books than I’ve had published at this point. I have published five books so far, both indie and through two publishers in the past.

3. Anything you won’t write about?
Interesting question. I won’t write about pets, dogs or cats, in pain or facing inhumane situations. I write about realistic people, but tend to set these characters loose in the suspense/thriller/horror genres. I’ve written literary short fiction and a crime novel.

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc.
I’m at the beginning of my sixth decade, married, no kids, one dog, Kipling (missing the second and searching for the next puppy), two barn cats, Ajax The Gray & Eartha Kitt’n, I am a development/content Editor and I’m working on my first job as a ghostwriter. I also have been helping out the local middle grade and high school as an Emergency Substitute Teacher.

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?
Wake Me Up is up there because it took over ten years to polish. It’s the complex tale of a family facing one calamity after another after the son and only child is the victim of a hate crime. While recovering, or not, in a coma, the son somehow is able to see his family and the secrets they’ve hidden away from him, and themselves, for too long.

6. Who or what inspired you to write?
I loved reading since second grade and always carried a book around. I was a “library kid” who haunted the stacks. I read books beyond my age as a pre-teen and teenager, the scarier the better. King, Jackson, Straub, Poe, Carver, Cheever, Irving, Ingalls were all influential.

7. What do you like to do for fun?
I love to read, walk my dog along the hiking trails on the island I live on…there are thousands of acres to still discover here. I also love to watch movies and binge great television series. Hanging out with good friends is always on the docket.

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?
I’m relieved whenever I do finish a book, and its publication date, since these happen so infrequently, are meant to be celebrated. I’ll go out to dinner, and within days I’ll be working away on the next book.

9. Where do you write? Quite or music?
I write in my home office to random music, shuffling albums. I love The Clash/Kate Bush/Nine Inch Nails/and classical music.

10. Anything you would change about your writing?
I wish I wrote many more hours than I do, but I’m also happy with how prolific I am. Having one book published each of the past five years is something I’m proud of. I hope to publish two this year: The Conversationalist: Horrorstruck Novella One and The Threads: Horrorstruck Novella Two sometime this fall.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?
My dream would be to somehow find a larger readership. Mine is small, yet growing. I love hearing how the tales I create hit someone.

12. Where do you live?
I live on Fidalgo Island in the Pacific Northwest, part of the San Juan Islands north of Seattle and south of Vancouver, B.C. A lot of my recent stories take place on Fidalgo Island. The Conversationalist and the dark short tale added to that novella are set in Anacortes, the small city on Fidalgo Island.

13. Pets?
I’ve mentioned my pets earlier, and I still miss my big male long coat German shepherd, Zippy, who passed away last fall.

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?
I like that writing can take my mind into a different state where I don’t even remember the songs playing in the background, when I’m really “into” the story, and I’m anticipating what my characters will do next. They often surprise me.

15. What is coming next for you?
I just published The Conversationalist: Horrorstruck Novella One, and I’m in the long editing phase of the second horrorstruck novella right now. This novella is currently almost 400 pages, and needs to be cut in half. There are really two parallel stories being told in this book, and shortening it will make the book tighter. I hope to do this work next month. After that I’ve already written the beginnings of the next two novellas in this four-novella series. When these four are complete I’ll bundle them together into one book along with a connecting story that will introduce each novella. This will be a spooky story as well.



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Some of Justin Bog’s books:

Becoming by Glenn Rolfe

Ok, I know that I say this a lot but damn it I didn’t want this book to end! Absolutely a nail-biting, twisting and turning, gut wrenching amazing book! Glenn Rolfe has out done himself with this one. I will be the first one to say that when you find a good book you want to tell the world…I FOUND A GOOD BOOK IN THIS ONE! When I was done reading the story I was walking around my house mumbling I’m gonna kick his ass! The reason? I wanted more! I didn’t want the story to stop!

The book, there are several different story lines that all come together into a wild and almost crazy ending. The first part starts with a girl and boy in the woods by the lake. They are friends and just hanging out. The boy noticed something shiny and bends down and picked it up, big mistake. They are looking at it when all of a sudden he starts screaming for her to get it off him. She tries but it won’t come off. She drags him to the edge of the lake and puts his hand in the water to wash the green thing off except it doesn’t come off. Something in the lake grabs him and drags him in, she sees lots of the green shiny things and runs home. Of course she tells her mom and dad but they don’t believe her. The towns folk go searching for him but he is not found.

The next part is a guy that lives by the lake. He takes care of his mean, sick and dying father. He goes to the lake and sees a beautiful woman in the water. Mesmerized he falls in and feels the lake consume him. Several hours later he wakes up in the yard. He is different and can feel that something isn’t quite right. He is becoming…..

The entire town gets involved in this story. It is a full on contact book that will leave you turning pages and refusing to put it down! I never saw the ending….do the good guys win or will they all become? You know I will never tell! Read the book…you will love it! Glenn Rolfe never fails to write an amazing story and this one did not disappoint me in any way. Thank you Mr. Rolfe for another grand adventure. Have to admit that is one town that is not on my bucket list to visit!



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Getting personal with Shawn Chesser

To fans of zombie books this guy hardly needs an introduction. Shawn Chesser is June’s winner of Zombie Book of the Month Club. His series of Zombie books will take you on a hell of a ride. Shawn is a family man and loves his kids with all his heart. He is also very smart and funny. It has been a pleasure to get to know him better.  If you don’t know him yet please make sure you get to know him. Buy his books, read them and please remember to leave a review. Please welcome Shawn Chesser to Roadie Notes………

1. How old were you when you first wrote your first story?
I had to have been in grade school. It was probably a story featuring Star Wars characters or Marvel superheroes.

2. How many books have you written?
As of right now I’ve written and published twelve full length novels. Most average over 100k words. My latest, ABYSS, came in at 130k.

3. Anything you won’t write about?
Politics or religion.

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc…
I’m weeks away from turning forty-nine. My aching knees and receding hairline are the only things constantly reminding me of my age.

I’ve been happily married for nearly twenty-four years.

We have two kids: Raven is thirteen and Cade is ten.

I’ve been writing full-time since 2011.

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?

That’d have to be Trudge. I wrote it as a lark on my iPhone while Cade played with other kids at the indoor gym. It rains a lot here in Portland. Though it’s far from my best work (It’s pretty bare bones, to be honest) I’m proud of the fact it was my first real accomplishment after getting sober in 2006.

6. Who or what inspired you to write?

My mother and stepfather were both voracious readers. That’s where I learned to love to read. The writing came later and acted as a sort of therapeutic thing that I now love to do. George Romero is responsible for my love of the genre in which I currently write.

7. What do you like to do for fun?
Maureen and I both love to go to the mountain. She skis and I snowboard. I’m a huge aviation nut. I really dig air shows and comic cons.

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?
I usually go see a movie by myself. As soon as possible after that I take the family out to a nice dinner.

9. Where do you write? Quiet or music?

I write in my office with some classic rock playing in the background.

10. Anything you would change about your writing?

I would have stayed in college and really learned the nuts and bolts of it all. I still throw commas around like daggers. My editor will testify to that.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?
My dream is for people to keep enjoying the fruits of my crazy imagination. Everything else is gravy.

12. Where do you live?
Portland, Oregon. Real close to downtown and equidistant (seventy or so miles) to Mount Hood and the Oregon Coast.

13. Pets?

Two goldfish. Kylo Ren and Rey. Cade named them after Star Wars The Force Awakens characters.

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?

Being my own boss.

15. What is coming next for you?

I’m writing a serial story called PEACEMAKER for nationally distributed SKILLSET magazine. I’d like to write a thriller novel along the same lines but with different characters.

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Gwendy’s Button Box by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

Gwendy’s Button Box is an amazing story written by two super talented authors. Never while reading this could I tell who wrote what part. It flowed absolutely seamlessly. I can’t say enough how highly I recommend this book! I am so glad I own a copy because this is a keeper and one to be read again and again.

The story starts with young Gwendy. She is at the local park and walking around after running the suicide stairs. She is a plump little girl and some of the kids are mean to her and have given her the nickname Goodyear. She is determined to lose weight. As she is walking around an older man sitting on the bench nearby calls for her to come over. She is wary of him because she has been taught not to talk to strangers. After speaking to him a few minutes she finally relents and sits down next to him. He tells her he has been watching her and has something that belongs to her. She is excited but also confused by this. The man reaches into his brown leather bag and pulls out a beautiful wooden box with buttons on the top and a lever on each end. He explains to her that if she pulls the right one with her pinky then the most delicious chocolate she has ever eaten will fall out. She tells him she is on a diet and he assures her that this will help her not to be so hungry. She pulls the lever as he asks and a small but beautiful chocolate animal comes out. She pops it in her mouth and he is right it is the best ever. So what does the other lever do? He tells her to pull it and out comes a uncirculated silver dollar. She takes it and tries to give it back to him but he tells her it belongs to her. She puts it in her pocket. He explains the buttons on the top and how they are used then wishes her well and walks off toward the suicide stairs. She runs over to ask him something and he is gone the only thing she sees is his black hat rolling around on a landing half way down. She takes the box and heads for home. She has to hide it and never let anyone see it because that is what he told her. So I’m going to stop here and not tell you much more because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone! This is a coming of age story at its finest. You will fall in love with Gwendy and want to protect her on her journey. Does she ever see the man again? What do the buttons do? What happens to Gwendy? Read it and find out it is well worth it.

This book has interior illustrations and they are absolutely magnificent. I love it when there are a few pictures in a book. Especially when it looks like what I think it should in my head. Needless to say th artists are super talented.

This book is a gem! If someone asked me how many stars I would give it out of 5 I would have to say 50. Very nicely done but that is no surprise coming from Cemetery Dance they make such beautiful book. I don’t know how many times I have said I would love to go live in their warehouse.

Please get the book, read it, tell your friends and family about it and please please please leave a review!



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Yo-Yo (All Tied up with String #4) review by: Mandy Tyra

Spinning in as the 4th twisted All Tied up with String personalized story is Yo-Yo and this one is an all spun out, brutally sick little tale. Sprinkled with just enough dark humor to make us feel uncomfortable, hop-the-fence in a squirm.
It stars Zachary Walters, that popular reviewer feller from the Ex Libris The Eyes of Madness blog.
Zakk enjoys scary books, cheap whiskey, smooth yo-yo’s, and long moonlight lurks on the Cali beaches with the above items firmly in hand.
Taken from his website, well, except that last one. Maaay have overtaken a touch of creative license there…. 😀

Right after I read this wicked tale, I felt a taunting pull to seek out some yoyo tricks, see what all this hoophla is about.
Moves like hoophla, hop the fence, barrel rolls…
And WOW, I had no idea it was that intricate! It really is an art form and I was completely transfixed.

Whirling in at around 28 pgs.

“Playing with a yo-yo, or a return top, is the manipulation of a toy that requires patience, precision, balance, and the right amount of string tension. Expect cuts, scrapes, bruises, and string burns. Apply the qualities and characteristics of this toy to anything else and it sounds a bit morbid.”
Zachary Walters ~ the unwound and unsound dictums of…

Zachary Walters is a loner but he never feels alone, not with his coveted (cough…modified cough-cough severely) collection of yoyo’s.
He plays with them, pampers them, cuddles them, names them, has conversations with them….yea, Mr.Walters is a little schizophrenic.
A bit batshit.
And whilst he may be missing a bearing or three on his fractured axle, in no way is it a debilitating kind of…condition. He is smart and cunning, finely attuned and calibrated to his own special needs and…hobbies, uses his good looks and swift skill-set to tally up a different sort of collection.
With Molly, his favorite (shhh don’t tell the others) and most proficiently clean-cut yoyo tucked away in invisi-whip mode, he snap-starts his prowl, eyes his pretty mark, and formulates his flytrap.
A momentums worth of hesitation finds him strung out in a lindy loop… just who’s stringing whom along here, child’s play…this is not. Is he saavy enough to throw down an iron-whip sleeper pull before it all spindles out of control???

You really can’t help but almost like that raving schizo, you know you’re not supposed to but I found myself rooting for him, at times.
That’s the beauty (and beast) of a Keane badguy, they are always written with a layer or two of likeability.
It’s a love to hate/hate to love kind of thang.
Yes, my morals have been questioned.

This story was fun and fast paced, a breakaway brain-twister!
Big props to Keane for making such an interesting story centered around yoyo’s, I’m sure it was a challenge. There really is nothing he can’t write.

** I apologize to any yoyo enthusiasts that I may have offended with my lame puns….
I was over a barrel..roll….sss :/

So this go round, I didn’t have to frogger across the pond for my journalistic investigating, since Mr. Walters is a fellow American. Out in California, SWEEET, it’s so beautiful there!
With legitimate wine in hand and illusioned meet and greet underway, I proceed to ask Zakk the tough questions. He was in-hiding and rather combative at first but I broke him.
I gots skills too. 😉

1.) How do you know the author?
I connected with Stuart as most do these days, on social media. Facebook. I had been looking at his titles for a little bit with some interest. I had recently joined a podcast lineup and found my way to a Facebook release party Stuart was throwing. We chatted a bit and got to know each other’s interests.

2.) What is your first and/or favorite Keane book?
I ended up winning a copy of Charlotte at said facebook release party. I devoured that book the day after the party, loved it, then purchased The Customer is Always… I devoured/loved that one as well. At the moment I’d say that Cine is my favorite Keane read, entertaining and brutal as all hell. That book got to me.

3.) Tell me a little bit about the treasured topic you chose for Keane to utterly desecrate with little or no regard for?
I got into Yoyoing a few years back when my kids got Yoyos for Christmas. I got one so I could play with them. We all kind of lost interest pretty quickly, then one day I saw a video of a modern master doing a stage demo and I was hooked. Coupled with the myth (conceived and perpetrated by one of the larger Yoyo companies) that it was an ancient weapon, I thought that it could make for a great horror story.

4.) Are you equal parts disturbed and delighted with you tailor-made tale?
Delighted, for sure. There are a couple of aspects to Yo-Yo that I love. Without going into spoiler territory, an aspect of “Zach’s” character I simply adore and made me smile wide. On the other side of things, one action by the antagonist, intentional or not, shows a complete disregard and disrespect to “Zach” (back to the whole walk-the-dog thing). I thought it was perfect. All-in-all I think Yo-Yo is great.

Preciate ya Zakk, thanks for playing along, you are the 2nd Keane pawn plaything to name Cine as a favorite ~ I agree!
And major points for giving Keane that unusual topic to play with.
He also tells me he can do the skin-the-gerbil and gentrified yoyo tricks, those are some pretty complex and amazing looking moves but OUCH, those yoyo’s really do pack a punch when hit in the head. I think I’ll stick with my fidget spinner. Old dog, new tricks, and all that jazz.

Next up Keane free-range tackles reviewer extraordinaire Nev Murray from Confessions of a Reviewer with a story called Primitive about turkey dinosaurs. Really Nev…turkey dinosaurs
Eh, outta be a funky fowl fun time. And oddly appetizing.
Out in a couple weeks, so till then, TTFN.


You can buy the book here:


Getting personal with Christopher Motz

Christopher Motz is a new writer for me but man can he tell a story! He is awesome to talk to and is so very passionate about what he is doing with his writing. It has been awhile since I have met someone so excited. He has a great sense of humor and always makes me giggle. Christopher is very smart and is always up for a chat with a friend or fan. I have seen him help others and is always glad for a review or feedback on his books. He is beyond a doubt a good guy and someone to watch. If you don’t know him or haven’t read one of his books I suggest you change that! Please help me welcome Christopher Motz to Roadie Notes………


1.How old were you when you first wrote your first story?

–I wrote my first story when I was about 8 years old. It was titled “The Battle of Crystantine” and it was pure fantasy: dragons, elves, your typical sort of tale. I showed it to my mother at the time, but I think I may have worried her with some of the gorier bits.

2. How many books have you written?

–I’ve published 3 so far: 2 novels and a novella. I’ve written several others that date back to my High School days, but they’re confined to a hidden cardboard box in the back of my attic. It’s strange, because when I looked at them not so long ago, I realized there were some great ideas in there.

3. Anything you won’t write about?

–I don’t believe in taboo. Any and every topic should be fair game in fiction writing. Some things I will stray away from, as they simply don’t interest me, and/or I’m self-admittedly ignorant on certain subjects. No religion, nothing politically motivated, and no monsters that sparkle!

4. Tell me about you. Age (if you don’t mind answering), married, kids, do you have another job etc…

–I’m 37 years old (I’m not sure how that fucking happened) and I’ve been married for 6 years. I met my wife in Junior High School in 1992 and we dated on and off for the next 6 years. After losing touch after graduation, a chance meeting in 2008 sparked that fire from so many years ago, and lo and behold, we’ve been together ever since. I have a 16-year-old step-daughter to remind me how uncool and disconnected I am.

–I’ve been concentrating purely on writing and getting my name out there. Before I worked from my computer I had a silly amount of awful jobs (factory work, postal worker, supervisor at my local Wal-Mart), but they were never enough. I wanted to do something creative. Between 1995 and 2014, I was a drummer for a number of local bands, playing hundreds of shows, writing material, etc. When I knew I wanted to write full-time, I put my drums away and haven’t played in 3 years. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll form a band with only horror authors!

5. What’s your favorite book you have written?
–That’s a tough question! I like everything I’ve written, and I hate everything I’ve written. The curse of the artist! My first novel, ‘The Darkening’, holds a special place because it’s my first published work, warts and all. It stands as an introduction to my multiverse, my mythology, one that will be revisited in future works. I could say my newest novel, ‘Pine Lakes’, is my favorite, but that would be a cop-out. Certainly, I’ve seen my writing grow in this book, but I’ve been sitting with it for the last four months. I’m still too close to it to make that call!

6. Who or what inspired you to write?

–I was reading horror novels at an early age: Stephen King, Robert McCammon, Dean Koontz. Later on I delved into hard science fiction and extreme horror. Extreme horror blew the doors open for me: Edward Lee, Brian Keene, Kyle M. Scott…stories with substance, but with an elevated gore level! Even as a kid I was a storyteller, and so it seemed like a natural choice to put pen to paper and craft my own tales.

7. What do you like to do for fun?

–MUSIC! That’s the easy answer. Music has been my life since I was 10 years old and it never ceases to amaze me what a therapeutic effect a good song can have on me. I’m an avid concertgoer, constant reader, and late-night host of an occasional get-together where alcoholic beverages are the rule rather than the exception. So, what do I do for fun? I have fun, that’s my answer. Live it up with good friends and good music and leave tomorrow’s troubles for tomorrow.

8. Any traditions you do when you finish a book?

–Oddly enough, no. When I finish the manuscript I put it away for a week and get back to the real world. I don’t have a special bottle of aged bourbon or a symbolic cigarette; I close my laptop, order some pizza and binge watch Netflix!

9. Where do you write? Quite or music?

–My wife and I bought a house in 2015; a 120 year old Queen Anne Victorian with a rather large attic that seems to have been used as living space in the early 1900’s. When I first saw it, I knew this would be my office. I decorated with music posters, brought a stereo up here, and ran high-speed internet to make this a place I could spend hours at a time in front of a computer. The mini-fridge doesn’t hurt either. There’s always music on; even if it’s quiet music, I need something in the background to keep me company while I’m writing. Now and then, a song lyric will give me an idea. You can see in all my writing, music plays a part, even if just mentioned in passing.

10. Anything you would change about your writing?

–I think every writer wants to improve on his or her craft. I wish there was a magic button I could press to tighten up some of my grammar issues, but unfortunately it hasn’t been invented yet. The only way to get better at writing is to keep writing.

11. What is your dream? Famous writer?

–Well of course I want to be rich and famous, who doesn’t!? Honestly, I don’t need to reach the heights of Stephen King, but I’d be thrilled for people to read and enjoy my books. The dream is to do it full-time and have the ability to write as much as I want, when I want. I’m not a materialistic person; I don’t need a million dollars to be happy, but I certainly wouldn’t be returning any checks that come my way.

12. Where do you live?

–A small town in northeast Pennsylvania, USA. I was born here, grew up here, went to school here. My hometown is part of who I am, and my fictional town of Elmview is largely based on this.

13. Pets?

–I have a miniature Morkie – yes, that’s a real dog – that we named Oy, based on a character from Stephen King’s ‘Dark Tower’ series. It’s short and sweet, like him, and it rolls off the tongue easier than Freddie Mercury. Yes, I would have named him Freddie Mercury. Maybe someday…

14. What’s your favorite thing about writing?

–The escape, not only for the reader, but for myself. When writing, there are no boundaries. You tend to see yourself, your friends, and your family in your characters; you notice familiar locations and situations, combining them in any way you see fit to carry on your narrative. Watching your characters take on personalities of their own is simply fascinating to me. I may be the one writing the story, but they are the ones directing my hand. Seeing a tale start as a vague idea and slowly grow into a world is exciting beyond measure. There are so many stories yet to be told…

15. What is coming next for you?

–My latest novel ‘Pine Lakes’ will be available to the public on June 9th in digital and paperback! The second half of the year, I’ll be finishing my collaboration with horror author Andrew Lennon, a novel titled ‘The Pigeon.’ With a little luck I’ll see another of my short stories published in an upcoming anthology, and a new novella based on the mythology of my first novel. I’m calling this ‘an alternate Elmview tale’ as it continues the themes from that book, and even has some of the same characters. It will not be a sequel, but rather a sideways look into one of a million parallel realities that border our own. I’m pretty excited for that one, as it will begin broadening my mythology in bizarre and horrifying new ways!!

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